Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Thai red curry, and I've been tagged!

Last night's yummy dinner was Thai red curry (using Geo organics Thai red curry paste and the recipe on the jar, with tofu, brocolli and bell peppers) alongside the coconut rice recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

DJ over at the Skint Vegan blog just tagged me, so, in keeping with the rules, I'm going to do as follows:
1) Tell you 5 things about myself
2) Tag 5 others and let 'em know via this blog and theirs.

So here's my 5 interesting facts.

1) I have 5 tattoos, which are chinese writing on my tummy, a fish/eye optical illusion on the small of my back, a cat silhouette and moon on my shoulder, a unicorn on my thigh and the UK vegan society's sunflower logo on my ankle.

2) Before I went vegan, I could barely cook at all- I lived on vegetarian ready meals and about the only things I could cook were omelettes(NOT VEGAN!) and stir fries! Now I'm vegan and I blog- yay!

3) Once upon a time I was a wannabe art student and did a portfolio prep course at college- it wasn't quite what I imagined it to be, so I quickly gave up on pursuing an artistic career.

4) When I first went vegan, I had never met any other vegans IRL- I was the only one I knew! Thank goodness for the internets!

5) My starsign is Virgo, and my Chinese starsign is the Monkey. Not that I actually believe in any of that!

And my tagees will be: vegan bear, weeg @ comically vegan, dangeroushabits, John @ John's Blog and Reverence Lily @ Element Fun.


DJ said...

I love tattoos! And I know what you mean about the internet!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kris got your comment thank you. i'm not terribly sure what you mean by tagging but i'd like to tag you.

Kyle - isrealsson said...

sorry that post above was from kyle aka dangerous habits aka isrealsson from vff.