Sunday, 19 October 2008

Ooh la la!

This is a tasty, half-size(because my oven's only little!) French Baguette from Garden Of Vegan, using wholewheat bread flour for added healthiness. It was lovely and crusty, and really easy to make, so I'm definitely making this again soon! Jay and I scoffed the lot (with Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen's Tomato-rice soup) when it was warm out the oven, but I think I might try letting it cool next time and making into a garlic baguette...
For our entree we had this Kale and Cannelini bean dish from Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen, which was really quick and easy, as well as super-healthy. Because we'd had a big starter already I just served it on it's own, but it'd also be nice on top of pasta.

I can't give Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen enough praise! Jay is finding the handy nutritional info given at the end of every recipe to be really useful, as he's a type 1 diabetic and it lets him know exactly how much insulin he needs to inject for what he's eating. This would also be useful for anyone on a diet, and since the most of the book's chock-full of healthy recipes, it'd be a great buy if you're going on a diet.

I think I've already mentioned that it uses naturally vegan ingredients (rather than fake omni substitutes) in traditional mediterranean recipes, so this sets it aside from a lot of the other cookbooks on the market which try to recreate non-vegan dishes, making a nice change for vegans, and that also will probably make the foods more appealing to any omni friend or relative you're cooking for who might turn their nose up at the very idea of tofu (...often never having actually tried it, but that's a whole other story!)!

But tasty though healthy food may be, I still love my sugary treats, so I'll end this entry with a delicious Garden Of Vegan Carrot and Ginger Muffin, pictured above. I've adapted mine slightly replacing the nuts, because I didn't have any, with sultanas, and sprinkling the top with a dusting of icing sugar.

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