Saturday, 14 March 2009

Poppy seed muffins and... Xmas dinner...?

This is a very tasty lemon poppyseed muffin from Vegan with a Vengeance. I had wanted to try out this recipe for ages but for some strange reason had found it extremely difficult to track down any poppy seeds to buy anywhere, so when I was in Marks and Spencer with my mum a few days ago and finally spotted a bag of poppy seeds for sale, I knew what I was going to do with them!
Redwoods' celebration roasts aren't just for xmas! I never did post a photo of the one we had for our xmas dinner in my xmas post, but here's a belated one now, seeing as how I picked up a bargain-tastic reduced to clear roast for just £2.19 (they're normally a pricey £5.19) in Holland and Barret yesterday.

I served the roast, which contains vegan "turkey" slices, and "sausages" wrapped in "bacon" alongside sage and onion stuffing balls (from a Morrisons' value range box of stuffing mix that you just add water to), baby new potatoes and brussels' sprouts. Tasty even in the middle of March!


Penny said...

That roast dinner looks very tasty, Kris. We bought a plain 'turkey' roast yesterdy, so, seeing your pic, I think that's probably what we'll have tonight! The muffins look good, too...


DJ said...

Love the muffins, Kris! I love anything lemon-poppyseed and I'm sure they were lovely and moist!