Sunday, 28 December 2008

Seasons' Eatings!

And a belated merry xmas to you all!

Now, these chickpea cutlets from the Veganomicon recipe weren't our actual xmas dinner, but they would have made a really nice one! I quadrupled the sage to give the flavour a nice hint of xmas stuffing and served it alongside some very festive cranberry sauce.

For our actual xmas dinner Jay and I went to his parents and had a very tasty vegetable soup with crusty rolls for starters(sorry there's no photos, I was too busy eating!) and a Redwoods' Celebration Roast for all of the non-meat eaters, served alongside all the trimmings(brussels' sprouts, roast tatties and parsnips, mashed turnip, cauliflour, carrots) for our main course.

For pudding we had a tasty vegan xmas pudding with squirty soya cream- yummy!

And after that- as if we weren't already well and truly stuffed!- we had this lovely black forest gateaux homemade by Jay's parents, pictured below for you to drool over...


DJ said...

That gateau looks delicious! How was the celebration roast? I've never tried it - thought I have looked at it often enough!

Miss Kris Dove said...

It was all delicious! :)The roast was pricey, but I'd definitely buy it again for a special occasion.