Wednesday, 26 August 2009

More from my new toy!

Tasty homemade hummus, based on the recipe in Dino Sarma's Alternative Vegan, with some whole chickpeas on top for garnish. (I got the garnish idea from a ready-made moroccan style spicy hummus that I buy from Sainsbury's, but my chickpeas were a little bland so I don't recommend doing that unless your hummus is spicier- we enjoyed the hummus it underneath though!) Jay says it is on a par with shop-bought hummus- high praise indeed! :)

Tasty vanilla cupcakes (Golden Vanilla cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World) iced with my own experimental recipe of...

Extra creamy icing

2 tbsp vitalite,
2 tsp alpro soya cream,
1/2 a cup of vanilla essence
2 cups of icing sugar.

-combine the above ingredients, then ice cupcakes.
This tasty drink was a tropical smoothie, with frozen mango, papaya, pineapple and banana, with orange juice. The frozen fruit was bought ready to blend in a bag from Morrisons(see photo below, right) which I'd never heard of before but spotted while looking for frozen blueberries and was only £1-69 for a 500g bag- cheaper than fresh! And it's less prep work, plus being frozen as well as lasting longer it made the smoothie lovely and cool without needing any ice or refridgeration. I'd definitely buy this again. 5/5


Anonymous said...

Yesssssssss, i LOVE the prepared smootie fruit ! We have a similar mix over here and it is just sooooo good, adding a banana and some OJ...I love using the frozen mix to get a Slushie.... oooh, once my stomach is okay again, I will DIVE into the awesomeness of this drink/frozen treat!!!

umm, may I ask what "vitalite" is ? maybe we have something similar around ?


Miss Kris Dove said...

Vitalite is a sunflower-based vegan margarine.

Hope u get well soon and can start enjoying smothies again soon!
Kris x

DJ said...

I like the sound of that extra creamy icing, and if Jay says that hummus is as good as shop-bought then I definitely need to get 'The Alternative Vegan' because Megan refuses to eat homemade hummus at all!

Penny said...

I'm going to try your extra creamy icing! It sounds GOOD!
And I'm with DJ on the hummus. I have that recipe book and the offspring sometimes feel like shop-bought hummus, so it'll be handy for those times!