Sunday, 16 August 2009

My New Toy! (Cheers Norma! :))

When my friend Norma got one of the legendary(amongst vegan bloggers!) Vitamix food processors, she very kindly gave me her Breville food processor- and while it may not sing, dance and heat up soup, it does make a nice smoothie!(see above pic) This is the first thing I've done on it, and there are more posts of processed food coming soon!

This here smoothie has plums, nectarines and orange juice(see below). For more interesting smoothie combos check out Penny's Smoothie Of The Day at the bottom of every post on her Scottish Vegan Homemaker blog.


DJ said...

Aww, that's really nice of Norma! I too lust over the Vitamix but make do with my Argos value blender. Mind you, it knocks spots off my old Moulinex for smooth soups and green smoothies that don't leave you feeling like you've been drinking the contents of a pond filter! (^_^)

Penny said...

What a great new toy! Glad you're enjoying your smoothies. They look pretty durn tasty!

(And thanks for the plug! :o) )