Saturday, 18 September 2010

Update- think I'm better now!

Hi guys, I've not been on for a while because I've been back in hospital since
Tuesday 7th and was just let back out yesterday afternoon.

I had 3 more gastric bleeds during the time I was in, and had to get several
blood transfusions and more endoscopies (which I hate having as the sedation
doesn't work very well and I panic) to try and find the cause, and on the last
one they finally found an abnormal vein which they put me under general
anaesthetic and stapled the vein, and they are hoping that that is it sorted-
they said there's a 75% chance I'll be okay now, but I'm to go back for follow
up appointments, and also to see a gynaecologist as they think it may be related
to endometriosis.

I'm feeling a lot better than I was but still have inflammation and a borderline
low blood count so I'm a bit tired and need to take iron and proton pump
inhibitors for a while yet. Hopefully I'll be fully better and be updating properly soon though!


Penny said...

Hi, Kris! I wasn't allowing myself to look at blogs while I was studying for my dreaded exam, but I'm back again. I hope all's still well with you. Looking forward to seeing you again at the next potluck!

Kris said...

Thanks Penny. I'm okay for now, although I've been back in hospital that one time since writing that post so the clip didn't work. :/
I'm looking forward to being at the next potluck, not seen you guys in ages! :)