Tuesday, 4 December 2007

My camera sucks, and a cookbook review

Apologies again for the lack of recent posts, but I've not managed to get a decent photo recently and will have to take a look at the camera. :( Will be back with the food fotos asap!

In the meantime, a cookbook review for The PETA celebrity cookbook-

I'm no longer a PETA supporter since I disagree with a lot of their tactics, but I came across this in my local library, and being a vegan cookbook, it intrigued me, so I borrowed it. And to be honest I'm pretty glad I borrowed it instead of buying, since it was fairly disappointing. The recipes in themselves- and there weren't very many of them- were fairly mediocre, a lot of them featuring ready-made food products unavailable in Scotland. From such a large book with full colour pictures, I expected some food photos, but alas, there were none, although there were plenty of celebrity photos instead! This cookbook is just typical of PETA as an organisation, it seems to concentrate so much of it's focus on celebrity endorsement that it loses sight of more important things! A disappointing 2/5

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