Monday, 4 February 2008

Lelly's famous stuffed tofu yet again, and... Barshaw Park potato salad?

Don't think 'shroom-hater Lelly'll be pleased that I've defiled her recipe with baked 'shrooms (sorry Lelly!) marinated in the filling on top, but they were damn tasty! :P

I've served this with a tweaked variation on Veganomicon's prospect park potato salad dressing. I thought it was too vinegary last time so I just omitted the vinegar altogether and used a wee drop of agave nectar to sweeten instead of sugar. I've used baby new potatoes instead of chopping up bigger ones since they're really tasty, and a bit healthier too due to the fact there's more skin and thats where all the nutrients are in a tattie! I've name-changed it after a park in Paisley, lol.

I usually buy Maille brand Dijon mustard but today I'd bought Morrison's own brand dijon mustard since it was a lot cheaper, but wow, they taste a lot different, the latter is far spicier than Maille's which is far milder. It was nice enough, but I much prefer the milder Maille's stuff.

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