Friday, 4 April 2008

Food for the Scottish vegan freaks meetup tomorrow!

No, I didn't! I've kept them safe for you!
Anyone tempted to come at the last minute and get some of these? ;) Above, peanut butterless ginger sesame cookies from Veganomicon. One of the vff-ers has a peanut allergy so I replaced the peanut butter with tahini (disclaimer-now, he's fine with seeds but not all nut allergy sufferers are, so do check with people first if you're cooking for them the nature of their own allergy). Because the tahini is runnier than PB I used 1/4 cup more flour to balance it out.

I also had no vegetable shortening so I simply used Pure sunfloer margarine, and no brown rice syrup so I used agave nectar. But I taste tested one and it's absolutely fine like this. The rest have been safely hidden away in my tin so there are some left for everyone else so I'm not gonna be like the lol kitteh when I arrive on Saturday!

And here's some Thai Red Curry, same one as a few posts ago, all tupperwared up in the fridge and ready to go...

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Have fun, and say hi to the freaks for me.