Saturday, 26 April 2008

Potluck preview...

I'm bringing these here cookies to the Yahoo! Scottish Vegans' group potluck tomorrow which I've just finished baking, and, more importantly, taste-testing!

On the left are the more grown-up sparkled ginger cookies, from Vegan with a vengeance, and on the right, the kids can have first dibs on the strawberry jam thumbprint cookies, also a variation on a VWAV recipe.

When I was baking these I was a little concerned they were going to go disastrously wrong but, hurrah, they pass the taste test! The thumbprint cookies turned out just fine, however, they were sticking to the greaseproof paper sheet and I accidentally broke a few trying to remove them- I think I'll just grease a baking tray if I make these again! The ginger cookies did not crack on the top so quickly as usual, perhaps it was the hot weather, perhaps the fact I used a measuring cup instead of scales, I don't know, so I left them in the oven to bake a little longer than usual, and so they are quite hard rather than chewy, but they're just like ginger nut biscuits so it's all good! They'll be ideal for dunking in a cuppa! :o)


anne said...

They both tasted great - had one of the broken bits of the thumbprint ones and it was delicious. Wish I had more than that but I was trying to be restrained! I stole one of the ginger ones to take home and you were right - it was great with a coffee.

DJ said...

The ginger ones were the bomb with the Skint Vegans - we love our ginger! ;)