Sunday, 4 May 2008

Restaurant review- The 78, Glasgow

The 78 is a fairly new-ish, 100% vegan restaurant located at 14 Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow. It's under the same ownership as their King Street place, Mono, but has a different menu.

Not the easiest of places to find, Jay and I got slightly lost getting there! However, it was worth the walk! The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated in a retro style, and has a nice, relaxed feel to it.

We both had spring rolls for starters and an all-day breakfast for our main courses. The presentation of our food was beautifully done, with the chilli and soya dipping sauces, for example, made into an arty squiggle on my plate and a heart-shape on Jay's (which led to his being teased by me that either the waiter or chef fancied him! :D). I wished I'd brought my camera to take pictures!

Both courses were lovely, though I must admit that I prefer Mono's all-day breakfasts since the 78's lacked the tempeh rashers and potato scones! The herby sausages, beans, toast, tomatoes, asparagus and mushrooms it had were still very tasty however.

I had the chocolate torte, with mocha ice-cream and a cappuccino for dessert- it's gorgeously decadent! I felt so sorry for poor Jay being diabetic while eating this! :(

The staff gave good, friendly service, and eating here was a very pleasant experience indeed. I'll still eat in Mono more frequently, but that's simply because it's nearer and there's not that much of a difference between the two, although I'd most certainly go back to The 78 now and then for a change.

The 78 gets a thumbs up from me, so go check it out! :)


DJ said...

Thanks for the heads up, Kris - my birthday soon so may have to request a meal out!

Anonymous said...
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Miss Kris Dove said...
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Anonymous said...

Went to the 78 for dinner on Saturday with a visiting relative who is vegan. Food was great, will definately go back. Must try Mono some time