Sunday, 14 October 2007

mmm chocolate...

In the bowl are some oaty chocolate treats from Easy vegan cooking by Leah Leneman. These are really easy to make, and taste pretty darn good... in fact, I keep going back to the kitchen for more nibbles!

Beside them, a cup of Yogi Choco tea... yes, chocolate flavoured herbal tea! And before you think "eeeewwwww!", try some, it really is surprisingly good. And tastes too nice to be healthy, but it is! Great, if like me, you're trying to lay off the caffeine but like a lovely hot, sweet drink. 5/5

I've served it in Jay's funky "Don't mess with the animals" mug from Viva!'s shop- The piggy on it reminds me of Leo from The Meatrix cartoon-

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