Monday, 1 October 2007

For everything you ever needed to know about veganism

I am part of a blogspot project known as vegan FAQ ( )with other vegans from all over the world, again posting under the username Miss Kris Dove. Here is a synopsis of the project-

We are vegans, from all over the planet, with unique perspectives on life. We come from different countries, races,
socioeconomic conditions, ages, and viewpoints. Aside from our commitment to helping animals, we are all as unique and varied as the animals we care for.

Daily, we get endless streams of questions about our veganism. Here we hope to share the way we did respond, the way we would have wished that we'd responded, or the way we should respond in future! Rather than linking to a bunch of websites written by other people, whose rhetoric we may or may not fully agree with, we'd rather share our voices, and do it in our own terms!

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