Monday, 22 October 2007

Steamed, but not angry vegetables, and rainbow cookies

Here we have some nut cutlets, and roast baby new potatoes with whole cloves of garlic, (which you've seen before a few posts ago) along with Alternative Vegan inspired "steamed, but not angry vegetables", a tasty way to jazz up steamed veg. There's broccolli, cabbage, leeks and spring greens in there.
I'm nibbling on one of these tasty rainbow cookies as I type... mmm!!! I've used (half, because I don't want to get too fat!)the chocolate chip cookie recipe from Vegan with a vengeance and 2 50g bags of Allergycare's Whizzers dairy free chocolate beans instead of the chocolate chips. I've also not bothered to half the quantity of molasses in the recipe, because it just makes it all the more tasty and moist! Mmmm...!!!

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