Sunday, 13 January 2008

Cheezly and my new tattoo!

I've reviewed the mozzarella-style super-melting before, but this mature white cheddar style is pretty tasty as well! Not sure if it could fool an omni, but who cares? It's nice just for itself! I've served it here on some oatcakes, which my boyf loves. I've also been having it heated on toast- it doesn't quite melt, but has a nice, almost halloumi-like texture when served this way. Compared to dairy cheese it's also a lot healthier- in fact Gillian McKeith- the TV holistic nutritionist- recommends it to cheese-loving dieters in her show! 5/5
A few days ago I had my 5th tattoo done! It's the UK vegan society's sunflower logo in case anyone's wondering. It was done by Kev at Tribe 2 in Glasgow, who assured me when I called in to enquire that they only use vegan inks. :) I'd recommend this tattooist to anyone looking to be inked. It was the least painful of my 5 tattoos and I put that down to his having a gentle touch! This is what I call commitment to my vegan lifestyle!

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