Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Messy rice? It's supposed to be messy!

I've been perusing more recipes from the ole veganomicon lately, and under this stir fry(my own creation- if you can call it that!) of tofu, mushrooms, onion and pepper, lies some Messy Rice, the books' take on dirty rice. And my rice was very nice. I'll definitely be making this again.

Next up, my didn't-have-all-the-ingredients-but-give-it-a-bash-anyway take on Veganomicon's peanut sesame ginger cookies. I had no crystallised ginger so I left it out, and no brown rice syrup so I subbed agave nectar. You may be wondering why two have a lovely covering of sesame seeds, and the rest don't? Well, I kinda screwed up there! I'd covered all the cookies in sesame seeds, and was just about to put them in the oven when I licked the last wee bit of dough off the spoon, only to realise that nice though it was, I forgot to put the blimmin' sugar in- d'oh!

So I left two little sugarfree cookies there for the diabetic boyf to try, and rolled the rest of the dough up and added the sugar this time, so the sesame seeds are kind of through all the other cookies. The cookies were a delicious success despite that setback however, and the boyf even liked his sugarfree cookies, although my sweet tooth found them a little bland sans sugar. I'd definitely make them again and I can't wait to try them in all their glory complete with the crystallised ginger, since I love ginger!

Last but not least, a big bowl of Mac Daddy with broccoli. I enjoyed this and so did the boyf(enough that we both went back for seconds!) although it wasn't very mac-and-cheese-like to be honest, it was very pleasant and tasty in itself, but for a more authentic-tasting m'n'c I'd recommend New Farm Vegetarian for cheesiness or my own recipe in here (scroll down near the middle) for creaminess. This is, however, far healthier, more nutritious, and less fattening than the others I've mentioned however.


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Mmm delicious-looking blog :o)

Laura-Marie said...

Made messy rice last night--loved it but burned it. I want to try the sesame ginger cookies but don't like crystallized ginger (too strong for me), so maybe I'll try it without.