Sunday, 16 September 2007

Junk food ... and possibly the worst pic in the history of blogging

The camera has been a bit dodgy lately, so I have missed a few photo oppurtunities, and there is a bit much light in a few of these, but here we go...
First up, here's a nice healthy dinner, curry with tofu, bell peppers, broccoli and onions served over a bed of quinoa.
Next up, a product review for Redwoods' Cheatin' rashers- these are supposed to imitate bacon, but it's been so long I can't remember what it tastes like! I do however, like them for themselves, they're kinda chewy with a salty taste, and go lovely in a fry up. Jay says they don't quite taste like bacon as he remembers it, but he also likes them in themselves. Pricey, and not too healthy, so they lose a few points for that, but being damn tasty earns them an 8/10.
No, it's not cheese on toast, it's super-melting mozzarella cheezly on toast, another in the redwoods' cheatin' range, with crushed black pepper on top. It doesn't taste exactly like the real thing, not quite as stringy as I vaguely remember it, but again, it's nice in itself. Another 8/10.

Any new vegans, or those considering going vegan, might want to leave it for a bit before trying fake cheeses so they appreciate them for themselves rather than compare them to real cheese. I remember trying fake cheese shortly after initially going vegan and not being very fond on it, but after trying it again recently, I love this one.
Mmm... apple pie crumb muffins from Vegan With A Vengeance, I made some for my parents, who've had them before and like them, but of course I had to road test them before giving them away. They're very more-ish ;), spicy, sweet and gorgeous.

Last but not least, for your amusement, possibly the worst picture in the history of blogging! I'd eaten half my dinner before remembering I'd forgotten to take a pic- my bad! Nevermind though, I've drew on some broccoli, peas and sweetcorn using msn paint! :)

It's another vwav recipe, mashed potatoes and punk rock chickpea gravy, and some wicken fen veggie sausages. The gravy wasn't traditional british gravy as I knew it, but it was quite tasty, and I might even eat it as a soup(in fact I did exactly that with the leftovers!) The mashed potatoes, as you can see, have their skins left on for added nutrients since theyre full of vitamin C and other goodies(nothing to do with the fact I'm too lazy to peel...honest!), and the veggies... well, they're not going to earn me a job as a graphic designer anytime soon... (Have a look at some better use of ms paint here though-

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