Sunday, 2 September 2007

Product reviews

First up for review are Kallo's organic rice cake bites with belgian dark chocolate. These get awarded 6/10, they're a nice healthier-than-a-biscuit-but-not-quite-as-nice-as-the biscuit-would've-been snack. Perfectly tasty and edible but not something I'd go out of my way to get ahold of.
Next up, it says "the best" on the box and it really is the best houmous ever, Morrisons' own brand caramelised onion and roast garlic houmous. The caramelised onion gives it a lovely sweet kick- it loses a healthy point for being so sugary but it really does taste amazing, and you should try it. Here I've used it as a dip, but it also goes well in sandwiches. 9/10

I've used Nairns' black pepper oat bakes to dip in it, these are a lovely snack, far healthier than crisps or tortillas, lovely and crispy with a nice nip of black pepper and lemon to them. They also taste fine all by themselves. 8/10

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