Saturday, 3 November 2007

Lower-fat lasagne and my fridge

Here is a ginormous potion of my lower fat lasagne served up with some broccoli. All I've done here is layer this sauce and tvp veggie mince with wholewheat lasagne sheets, cooked to al dente, and my old favourite, tofu ricotta from Vegan with a vengeance, then baked at 220C for 25 mins. It was yummy.

As I've noticed a lot of vegans in blog-land and youtube doing it, here is a photo of my fridge. Points of interest include the 7 boxes of cauldron tofu (it was buy one get one free, and is good till 5 december, so I stocked up!). The white boxes at the top of the fridge door are Jay's insulin. The bag behind the broccoli is ginger root, and garlic bulbs, the bag on the bottle holder is green leafy salad. There's a bag of mixed bell peppers under the bag of onions. The tupperware tub has Mozzarella cheezly in it, and there are Redwoods sage and onion vegideli slices behind it. The pink bottles are Raspberry Ripple sugarfree diluting juice from Morrisons, and a bottle of Rose wine behind it. Blue cartons are unsweetened soya milk, green cartons are apple juice. Jars include vegenaise, peanut butter, tahini, diabetic jam, curry paste, vegan pesto, yeast extract and mango chutney.


Veggie said...

I love seeing the inside of people's fridge's, I don't have mine posted on my blog yet, but I do have one of my freezer:

Lelly said...

Man! I want a proper fridge! I hate my stupid tiny fridge!